About Us

Falls City Chamber Of Commerce

The Falls City Area of Commerce was established as a Commercial Club in 1907, and became the Chamber of Commerce in 1930. In 1937, the organization was incorporated as the Falls City Area Chamber of Commerce.

The Mission of the Falls City Chamber of Commerce

The Chamber is a motivation force in the region. It seeks through organization of people, working together, to unite the industrial, agricultural, commercial and civic interest for the purpose of concerted action which drives the growth and development of the region. The method of attaining the objective is through the following steps:

A. Develop, encourage, promote and support the commercial, professional, industrial, agricultural, financial, general business and civic interests of the region and its citizens, and to all those who make use of our resources.
B. Extend and promote the present trade and commerce to foster, develop and support the industry of the region.

Limitation of Method

The Chamber shall be non-partisan and non-sectarian; it shall take no part in or lend its influence or facilities either directly or indirectly to the nomination, election or appointment of any candidate for office in city, county, state or national elections.

4) Promotion focuses on authentic community assets, with high quality image development campaigns and events that attract shoppers, visitors, and residents.

A healthy downtown is the very core of any vibrant community. Not only does it represent the quality of life, but helps foster economic growth. A community’s Main Street program helps: protect the existing tax base; serve as an incubator for new and developing businesses downtown; attract new business and industry, create jobs, and strengthen service and retail markets; provide a focus on community pride and positive self-image; provide economic stability necessary for economic growth; preserve the historic fabric of the community and protect the environment by reusing existing assets instead of tearing down and building new.

See the Downtown Revitalization Plan for Falls City

To become a patron of the Main Street Falls City Program, please download the participation letter and commitment form and return them to the Main Street Falls City office at 1705 Stone Street, Falls City, Nebraska.  Thank you.