Lane Leadership

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Program Mission

To identify, inspire and equip leaders to take positive action to make Falls City and the surrounding area a vibrant place to live, work and play, now and in the future.

Program Goals & Outcomes

1) Increase human capacity by developing individual leadership skills;

2) Increase social capacity creating awareness of local, county and/or regional issues, as well as, state, regional and local resources and processes;

3) Increase cultural capacity by examining assets that give the Falls City area a unique sense of place;

4) Create a culture of collaboration through nurturing group dynamics and building a network of relationships with current participants, past and present leaders; and

5) Provide an opportunity for each year’s participants to incorporate and implement all they learn into a collaborative class capstone community development, community betterment project.

Program Model

The Program will consist of skill development trainings through out eight full-day sessions once a month from October through May. The classes will be held at locations in the Falls City area that best relate to monthly topics. During each session participants are introduced to issues by means of site tours, panels and presentations, lectures, group discussions and simulations.


Participants are required to attend eight full-day; actively participate in the planning and implementation of the class project. Attendance and participation in all sessions and activities are a requirement to be eligible to graduate.

Monthly Session Topics

October – Getting to Know Your County, 6 Myths About the Future of Small Towns and 20 Clues to Rural Community Survival

November – From Vision to Action

December – Gallup Strengths

January – Understanding Community Capitals

February – Using Data to Make Community Decisions

March – Marketing Yourself, Marketing Your Community

April – Applying What You Learned

May – Project Discussion


Tuition is $200 per participant. Tuition will be used toward the purchase of program supplies, guest speakers and meals.

Falls City Lane LeadershipPaving the Future of Falls City

Previous Classes

The 2020 Lane Leadership Class from left to right show below: Jami Ankrom, Jack Bangert, Kaytlyn Kennedy, Jessica Fischer, Andrea Wamsley, Kara Ewing, Sandra Ferris and Kelly Bletscher.

The 2019 Lane Leadership Class from left to right shown below:  Program Facilitators Jessica Jones & Carroll Welte, Kaylie Ractliffe, Allie Bierman, Cassondra Goff, Amber Holle, Alex Keithley and Trent Scheitel.

The 2015-2016 Lane Leadership Class from left to right shown below Katie Youngquist, Allyson Vonderschmidt, Nicole Mason, Britney Huppert, Derrick Leyden, and Jay Bechtold.

Katie YoungquistAllyson Elizabeth VonderschmidtNicole Lynn MasonBritney Ann HuppertDerrick Dean LeydenJay Bechtold

The 2014-2015 Lane Leadership Class from left to right shown below Jonah Santo,  Joseph Froeschl, Kristy Dixon, Leslie Miller, ; Mitch Merz, Penelope Caudle, Sarah Ahern, and Rachel Aitken.

Jonah Santo2 Joseph Froeschle2 Kristy Dixon2 Leslie Miller2 Mitch Merz2 Penelope Caudle2 Sarah Ahearn2 Rachel Aitken2 (1)